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Vyond (formerly known as GoAnimate), is a cloud-based platform for creating animated videos.

It is developed to allow anyone without animation skills to quickly and easily create high quality animated videos, which can be in various styles including whiteboard animation, 2D Animation, video infographics and more.

Vyond’s main benefits:

  • 14 Days Free Trial Available
  • A whole variety of video elements, including animated charater, props, sound effects, pre-made templares, backgrounds and more for your choice, allowing you to brand your business any way you want.
  • Vyond has a very intuitive interface which means it takes only minutes to master
  • Powerful audio features like roaylty-free sound effect for you to choose from, automatic lip-synch option, text-to-speech and more.
  • Through the Go team collaborative video plan it’s possible to work with other members of your team on presentation files together.

#1. Is Vyond for Free?

With a 14 day free trial available you can get use of the software before you have to pay any type of fee to use it. Throughout the trial you can make watermark videos they don’t have to be exported. When you are ready to actually buy the videos, there are three main subscription plans that you can use the choose your features:

Go team: This is the maximum plan that allows people to work collaboratively and teams. Users with this subscription plan also get a higher priority for customer service and security software encryption. Through the Go Team package is also possible for users to password protect all of their output files.

Go Premium: this is a publishing option that allows users to download HD videos in 1080 P and remove the animation logo from any of the published outputs throughout. There are extra premium music tracks which are also available as part of this program and extra chat support which is available from 6 AM to 5:30 PM.

Go publish: This is the lowest plan which allows for publishing the videos up to 720 P with an unlimited number of videos produced. Experts will also be able to directly export videos to YouTube and through a number of partner websites. Go publish is a platform that will help you integrate over 40 premium music tracks and animated values for your productions.

#2. Is Vyond Safe?

As Vyond is online software, it can be extremely safe to use. The company has been around since the year 2008 and they are known for having an extremely wide customer base. The website is consistently being checked by Norton to make sure that there is no extra software downloaded or malicious content being accessed.